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Paul Hewett, Ph.D.

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Welcome to the Exposure Assessment Solutions website!

Our Mission:

To provide environmental, health, and safety (EHS) professionals with training, publications, and software, all designed to facilitate the collection, analysis, interpretation, and management of occupational exposure data.

To provide consulting services regarding the statistical analysis and interpretation of occupational and environmental data, the design of performance-based sampling strategies, and litigation support.

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Announcement - EAS Inc. and Medgate partnership
Overview: Medgate, the leading global provider of Enterprise EHS Software Solutions, and Exposure Assessment Solutions, the developer of IH Data Analyst, have reached an agreement for Medgate to integrate Bayesian decision analysis functionality into its Industrial Hygiene software.


  • Design of exposure assessment strategies
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation of occupational and environmental exposure data
  • Consulting and testifying expert - review of reports, literature review, exposure data analysis and interpretation


IHDataAnalyst V1.28  - The IH Data Analyst (IHDA) is an innovative, unique product especially designed to assist the industrial hygienist in interpreting datasets where the sample size is small. In addition to calculating standard descriptive and compliance statistics, as well as goodness-of-fit procedures, the IHDA allows the user to select from a array of Censored Data Analysis techniques - useful whenever the dataset contains measurements reported as non-detects (i.e., less than the limit of detection or quatitation), as well as apply the newly developed Bayesian Decision Analysis methods.


IHDataAnalyst-Student 2015  - The IH Data Analyst-Student (IHDA-S) is a freeware, student version of the IHDA. The IHDA-S can be used in professional development courses and by students in occupational hygiene programs. The IHDA-S is limited to 25 measurements, but includes the basic methods of Censored Data Analysis and Bayesian Decision Analysis.

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